About Us

Welcome to Ed-Resource!

This is a platform for teachers to interact, make announcements, find teaching opportunities, share knowledge and teaching & learning resources.

The Ed-Resource aims to create a vibrant community of teachers through the sharing of knowledge and experience on a common platform.

This is a forum for teachers for sharing insights, good practices, resources, information and experiments in education. Resource material in textual and multimedia formats (articles, policy documents, manuals, tools, lesson plans, notes, activities, etc.) will also be made available on the website.


Teachers will generate these resources. Your active participation in resource generation will play an important role in making this a robust and dynamic space.

The range of teaching and learning resources generated by teachers on the portal will enrich their knowledge of subject content and pedagogy as well demonstrate new approaches to classroom practice

In the quest to make this site as useful as possible, a question and answer page has been added to assist teachers in finding answers to questions they may have