How to organize your studying?1 min read


Organize your material

A great many of students have a problem organizing their studying. This happens especially when they try to study on their own either at school or at home.

The following practical ideas will come in handy in assisting one to organize their studying.

When studying at home be sure that you have a good place to study and that your tools (books, pencils, computer) etc. are ready.

Efficiency in studying is like efficiency in other kinds of work. You save time and energy if your materials are at hand. Having your material ready also has a psychological effect. It sets the stage- it puts you in the frame of mind – to study.

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Determine how efficiently you learn

There are many factors which determine how efficiently an individual learns. For instance, people respond differently to different physical arrangements of their study area. Whereas others study best while there is low level noise in the background; others for instance need silence. Some work well in cool temperatures others in warm. Some need subdued light while others want it bright.

Some individuals need to be able to move about when they learn. Some learn best alone; others prefer to be in a group.

Observe yourself and determine what conditions are best for you.

Having put the above into consideration if then, study or at least study your most challenging work then. Remember, having a certain place for studying where you have your ‘tools’ at hand can make learning efficient.

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